Cannot receive email


Boy, have I got a headache.
I’ve had a trouble free account w/DreamHost for a year. A week ago I created a second domain on DH and uploaded all my files. Last night I changed the hosting of my second domain to DH. Every thing went smoothly and the new webpage is up and running. But not email.

I know I made some mistakes but I can’t seem to fix them. To avoid using those silly mXXXXX names in my email, I created users at DH for all of the email addresses I had at my second domain. So I have about 12 users. Using webmail, I can send email from the new users but I can’t receive. I also had to create an email account because I already had a user name with the email I wanted to use (I had a user of “pam” with the email going to so I created a new email of I can’t even log into this email account and test emails that I send there bounce back with an error saying the user can’t be found.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’m having a similar problem with email addresses for a recently moved domain. I initially assumed it was a DNS problem, but querying ns[1-3] with ‘dig’ shows that ns2 and ns3 are happy, but ns1 claims there is no MX record. was showing that ns1 seemed to be running a different dns daemon; ns3 seems to be timing out… "Served by POWERDNS 2.9.20 $Id: 539 2005-11-11 11:17:47Z ahu $" "9.3.2" No version info available (timeout on lookup). Could be tinydns 1.00 through 1.04.

It also reports that the SOA serial numbers for ns1 is different. If ns1 is less up-to-date than the others (which seems to be the case), then surely it shouldn’t be listed as the primary nameserver?