Cannot Receive E-mail

Is anyone else having problems with receiving E-mail?

I cannot receive E-mail Messages, but apparently I am able to send E-mail Messages. Archos Tech Support received my E-mail Message, but I have not received their messages.

Many Facebook Friends have sent me E-mail Messages, but I cannot receive them.

– Jim

I’d ask that you contact our support team about this directly. You can submit a support request from the panel here:

Please include the specific email address you’re having trouble with, and paste any errors you might be seeing as well. We can investigate from there. Thanks!

I was in Live Chat Support, but they were not able to help. They say the problem is with Apple Mail, which I highly doubt.

I am not receiving ANY Error Messages. Problem is that I cannot Receive ANY Mail at all!!!

I can send messages though …

Have you configured the SMTP correctly? DH uses authentication.