Cannot Pipe Email to PHP or with .procmailrc

I’ve followed the instructions found here., and then here

I also tried the ones contained on this page:

after both didn’t work, i removed my .procmailrc file from my /home/username/ directory and tried again using the first example.

The user does have shell access. If I log into the email account that is supposed to forward emails and send one to myself, everything is fine, and I can see the email in my webmail inbox. If I send the email from an external account, I cannot see it.

Messages do not end up at the /home/username/Maildir/new directory either.

Can anyone help me trouble shoot what isn’t happening? I setup the username, I set up the email and forwarded it to the username with a filter.

The filter I used was “First, forward emails with * in the body to on and then stop.”

Nothing seems to work… Any help is appreciated, as I’m going nuts and Dreamhost doesn’t seem to be very helpful.

I can’t remember why, but it seems like when I set this up a couple years ago for a specific function that I’m no longer using that I could never get the rule to work as expected with “contains” *. It seems to me that if you use ‘does not contain’ and a garbage string then you get what you want. Such as ‘Subject’ “does not conatain” “skljdhjfhdasfjkhdsjklhfreuijdvncjksHHH”.