Cannot modify my main address


I would like to set up my main address
so that it will have a link to the blog:

I cannot do anything to that database. When I try to install concrete5 to it, the panel says that that database is not empty.

How can I modify my / directory so that users will see something when they type in nothing but the site name into their address bar?


Do you want to redirect them to the subdirectory?

Just use your .htaccess file. (If you need help figuring out what directives too use, check the Dreamhost Wiki under “htaccess”. End of page: “Stupid htaccess tricks” link.)


Might want to read this thread:


Those are very helpful replies.

I have now figured out how to get in via ftp. Apparently all the password changes I have done to date haven’t modified my ftp password so I’ll do that now.

My problem has been solved now. Thanks to Mattesque and LakeRat.