Cannot modify header information - headers already



When logging in my page is throwing the following
errors… I think this has to do with
extra blank spaces being in the config.ini php
file…which I can’t seem to find:
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.input/ddole/ in /home/.input/ddole/ on line 164

How do I correct the error?


Here is the code I copied from the website:

Agent Login Rate Plans Availability Features Frequently Asked Questions Support Sales Agents <?php require ""; require ""; if (!empty($_POST["username"])&&!empty($_POST["password"])) { $user=$_POST["username"]; $pwd=$_POST["password"]; $connection = mysql_connect($hostname,$g_username,$g_password) or die("Could not connect"); mysql_select_db($database,$connection)or die ("could not select database"); if (authenticate_user($connection,$user,$pwd)) { // session_start(); header("Location:registration.php"); } else { print " invalid username/password"; } } ?>


Try moving all your php code to the beginning of the page, with absolutely no spaces before the <?.

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Please don’t post this in every forum on Earth. Just once is sufficient. Please supply a URL for the page that is getting an error.

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yerba# rm -rf /etc