Cannot modify DNS information, help Me

I have domain ( registered at dreamhost. After I changed MX records I cannot view/modify my DNS Information.

If I click DNS menu from control panel, an error always shown like this :

Weirdness on this domain…
We currently have no “zone” file for, and so you cannot modify DNS.

Are you sure you have this domain hosted with us? (This page won’t do anything unless’s nameservers are set to,, and

How can I solve this problem ?

Thank you


The above indicates that you do not have an active hosting plan under your DreamHost account.

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not supply DNS hosting for domains registered here, unless you also have a hosting plan under your account, so you will be unable to edit the DNS records via the panel.

However, you can set the name servers for your domain to point to external name servers by going to Domains -> Registrations in the panel, ticking the Modify WHOIS checkbox for the domain, then clicking the Modify whois for selected button. The section for setting the DNS servers is at the bottom of the resulting page.


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