Cannot login - wp database is already up to date error

Hey all!
I have not logged into my site for a while - but yesterday - after I logged in - (past my login screen) - I am getting a message
"No Update is Required
your Wordpress database is already up to date"

…when I press continue - nothing happens - I cannot login - I haven’t changed anything to cause this -

I know Dreampress updates automatically, my site worked fine before
Can someone fix this issue? Why am I seeing this?

Thank you,

It’s not you, it’s us and WP. We use Memcached to speed your site up, which SOMETIMES has a stupid reaction when you upgrade like this. Since you hadn’t logged in for a while, the upgrade hadn’t finished, so … it just stuck. It’s being fixed in WP, and we’re improving our servers to handle this better as well.

I ran a flush on your cache and you should be okay now.