Cannot login to webmail, imap also acting up


…and no human response for two days.

I can see that maildir files in my Maildir folder but I cannot log in to webmail and imap isn’t working.

Anyone else having problems or better yet, have solutions?


Update - both are working now. Glad to know my acct wasn’t hosed.


I cannot login to webmail nor use pine because of IMAP errors. This has been ongoing since Friday, June 2nd. To access my email, I have to FTP the messages from Mail-dir to another box and view with Pine. I cannot access via another mail client as authentication is down.

I submitted an incident last night and have not heard from anyone as of yet. I will be cross posting this message to see if anyone else can clue me in on how to pursue.


I sincerely hope not! Double-posting is considered very poor netiquette indeed.

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I am having this same issue and have had it since the 2nd as well. I am still not able to access my incoming emails and getting nowhere with support (they said it was due to the denial of service issues, which it clearly is NOT).

Anyone know how to fix this? I cannot reopen my business until this is up and running.