Cannot login to PhpMyAdmin


I moved my web site to Dreamhost lately and was able to manipulate its DB both from shaell and via PhpMyAdmin… until today. Right now it doesn’t let me log in and keeps asking for username/password. I didn’t change them and I even tried creating a new user with the rights to my DB, it didn’t help - I cannot login.

I have a small guess that it might be related to the fact that I created a CNAME record for my domain (to make actually use several hour ago.

Anyway, not being able to manipulate my DB is quite scary. Please, help.

Thank you for your attention

I’ve never mucked about with records here so am not in a position to give a qualified response, but I’ll make a suggestion until someone with more knowledge regarding this replies.

One thing I’d try if this happened to me and I thought it might be because of record changes would be to create a new database hostname in Panel.

Goodies > Manage MySQL > Add New Hostname

It’ll take a little while to become active (give it 10 minutes or so).

Now, if it’s your recent record changes that have affected your setup, I’d think you should be able to login to phpMyAdmin using the newly created Hostname with your previous usernames and passwords.

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Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately it didn’t help.