Cannot login to my site anymore 48hrs ago


I am a new dreamhost and drupal user. I have working diligently to get my site optimized for google and overall performance. Up until about 48hrs ago everything was fine but now i cannot login. Well i can login but my admin page does not work.

I tried restoring an older htacess file and settings. php file but that did not help. I removed the last modules that i installed from my ftp but that did not help either.

this is the admin page

thats the error i have been getting, i have tried almost everything i know. im sure there is a php command but i dont know php.


If you have locked yourself out, visit just
like you do to re-enable offline sites.
You can log in there, enough to become admin, although none of the
navigation will work yet.

Next, enter (in DRUPAL
5 and 6) to view the page where you can unset clean URLs.

I disabled clean url, flushed all the caches and did cron. I tried to
login the normal way and it would not let me. I cleaned my browser
cache but still nothing, the instructions above still let me in
though :frowning:

I restored a brand new htcacess file from the drupal cab file