Cannot log into FTP

I’ve been trying for the past week or so and cannot log in to delete the files for my forum. Can someone help me please!

Both WinSCP and CyberDuck are good programs for connecting over SFTP.

I have access to the Dream Host one, I just cannot log in.

Make sure you’re using the correct (S)FTP user credentials.

Panel > Users > Manage Users

I finally logged in but I can’t find the phpBB files. Where will they be?


How do I edit a file?


I can only connect via FTP and not FTP log in.

The “FTP” link on the manage domains page in the panel doesn’t do what you think it does. The “WebFTP” does what you are thinking, but isn’t very robust and pretty limited.

+1 – best advice here… get a REAL ftp client.

After logging in to the WebFTP it says there are no folders?

Erm… ^ ?