Cannot log in to WP


Newbie to Wordpress here.

I recently made a blog and registered a domain. After looking into more customized themes, I decided to switch to and signed up here at dreamhost. I did the one-click install thing and switched up the name server to dreamhost at

Got the e-mail that said it was successful and gave me a link to create admin user etc… Problem is, it keeps saying ‘Oops page not found’


So it seem like I cannot log to

Anything else I’m missing here?

Please help. Would really appreciate it!

Appears the DNS needed more time to propagate. Look like you got the install completed now. Correct?

Yes! Just 20 minutes or so ago. I guess I was just being impatient and unsure about everything.

Thank you for your reply!

IMO dreamboat could warn via a dialog box that that might happen. It’s a common newbie problem/question that they don’t cover at all in the instructions.

I know the feeling when you’re just sitting there waiting for the changes to go through…