Cannot locate URL

Hello all. This is very strange. I’ve even contacted Dreamhost administration and to no avail.

Currently I have 3 URLs under Dreamhost;,, and in that order. I have no problem with, but from home I cannot see the 2nd and the 3rd sites for some unknown reasons. The admin told me to flush out the DNS thru START --> Run --> command: ipsonfig /flushdns, but that didn’t work. I’m using a Linksys router if that makes any difference at all.

I can see the other 2 sites from work, and also at other locations, BUT not from home. I have SBC DSL service. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?!? I’ll be moving soon [same county but another city] and keeping SBC as my provider, I’m hoping maybe that’ll remedy the problem, but I doubt it. Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks a lot!

The second-level domain (not url) does not exist; if it has been registered, then its currently in limbo (not being handled by anyone)

I can see the other two just fine.

Try running this command instead from Start > Run:
tracert [domain] > C:\trace.txt

That should trace the connection to DreamHost and store the results in C:\trace.txt

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Yes, not good: has NOT been registered as of this moment. - What do you think?