Cannot install Wordpress?!

I am attempting to migrate a webpage from Joomla to Wordpress. I did the one click install for the site…and installed it onto the main page of the site rather than a subdir. hopefully the doesnt delete the content?!

Anyways…After 10 minutes or so I tried to follow the instructions to access mysite/wp-admin/install.php or /wp-admin/import.php…both of these just lead me to blank pages…It won’t let me create an account and start working from the back end!

Also if anyone has any tips on an easier way to move content from joomla to WP that would be extremely helpful!

It seems you have installed it to a sub-directory, unless I’m looking at the wrong install! An email was sent to you with details on that situation, please reply there for the quickest response. As for the site migration, please give these a look:

For some more clarity w/ using the plugin: