Cannot Install WordPress to a Domain

Hello all,

I’m ready to undertake the adventure of building my wife’s business website but I’ve already hit a roadblock in the first few minutes. I performed a Custom Installation of Wordpress to the main page of our domain and a few minutes later received the “Success” email from the Robot Installer.

I clicked on the admin link in the email to set up the wordpress, but everytime I do that the webpage that loads says:

      The connection was reset       
      The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

I have waited hours, thinking that more time was needed, but still the same message. I have also tried logging onto the blog itself, but I just see the domain information. I was hoping to spend most of my time on designing the website because I have a lot of free time for the next couple of days, but I seem to be spending all my time with a one-click installation.

If anyone has advice it would be most appreciated. The domain is Thanks all!

Have you changed the DNS settings over at namecheap to point at Dreamhost yet?

Just did it and it’s up and running. Thanks much, sXi, you’re my hero!!!

I had the same problem, thanks you sXi !