Cannot install one-click apps

I went to install one-click apps, but my domain is not showing up in the drop-down menu of urls. I went through a couple forum posts to try to troubleshoot this myself, but I met with a few dead ends.

I am fully hosted, so that’s not the issue. Any other ideas?

Help is appreciated!


Hello there,

I just tested it & I was able to see a url in the drop down for the one-click installs.
If it’s the .com domain you want to add a one-click install to, you would need to make it fully hosted. Currently, it’s parked here.
Regarding the other domain.
Is it a specific application that isn’t showing the url?
It might have just been that the DNS was taking a little bit to propagate, so it wasn’t appearing when you tried.
It should work fine now.
If you are still experiencing this problem, please explain in detail your steps and what you are seeing.
Let me know if you have any other questions

Hi Justin-

It is working fine now. Thanks for your help!