Cannot import my old WordPress file due to file size

I have the free WordPress hosting service through Dreamhost Apps.

The error that I received when uploading my old WordPress files (exported from my old host) indicates that the max upload file size and / or memory limit is lower that what is needed. Is there a way to check the post_max_size, upload_max_size and the memory limit in the php.ini file. Is there any way to have Dreamhost increase the limit to over 11 MB or higher if possible?

Is there any other way to import my WordPress files? Please help…

Well, you will need to build your own php.ini file

Alternatively, you can rsync your file to your server.

It’s on DreamHost Apps, so a modified PHP.ini isn’t going to work. Nor will any type of manual upload.

It sounds like the only solution would to be to ask Support for help.