Cannot get server to display updated sections of site

The URL of the site to which I’m referring is

I’m having trouble removing, from my DreamHost server space, a couple of HTML pages and then replacing them with updated versions of those HTML pages.

I’ll delete a given HTML page and the style sheet. Wait a couple of hours (just to see if it’s a lag issue). Then re-upload the modified HTML page and the modified style sheet, placing them right where they used to be. Then wait a couple of hours (again to see if it’s a lag issue) to enter the URL.

…and to no avail, those pages on the site–which are supposed to reflect new, edited code–do not reflect the new, edited code. In fact those pages on the site reflect code that has long been edited and/or removed!

It’s weird, because offline/on my computer, the site looks just the way it’s supposed to. But when the site’s uploaded to my server spot, part of the site is current, and some of the site is old.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to update parts of my site arrrrgggghhhhhh!

I’ve tried different FTP clients; I’ve played the waiting game; nothing works.

EDIT: Oh, and to try to start over, last night I deleted all of the pages/files comprising the site; waited until the morning to upload them again; five hours later, the site is still offline…

check the other thread you posted in, I gave you the probably reason and solution there.