Cannot get mysql file imported through SSH

Hey there,

I keep receiving this annoying error from the SSH program I am using wneh trying to import my 160MB database into Dreamhost DB:“No such file or directory”.

The file and the directory are there. I can access both from FTP and HTTP.

Can you read my code to see if something is missing? I tried “ftp://” “http://” and “none”

mysql -u username -ppasword -h BLABLA_wp <

damn! 2 hours lost with this.

thanks in advance for any help you cna provide me with.


You can’t import via http. I’m assuming you’re trying this from command line on the server with In which case, your import should be from < ~/
The ~/ means it’s your home directory.

Well that helped, as it is the first time I am using ssh (and hope never to use it again =P) -

Now I am getting this “ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘USERNAME’@‘’ (using password: YES)”

I have NO idea what domain is that “” and i am not even calling it.



That’s most likely another domain hosted on the same server that just happens to be the first one listed for that IP address.

The username and password you should be using would be the one listed in the panel for MySQL Databases for that database. It looks like you’ll be using SSH again.