Cannot get my index.html to work

Ok I have my website and everytime I go to the URL I keep getting Index of / and see parent directory with no files there.

I am using CuteFTP to upload my files and there are three directories
Logs and Maildir

I connect to
and then i guess there is the main folder?
So I added index.html in there and created a new folder name domain and added it in there as well. But I still cannot view my website.

Any idea what it could be? Am I adding the files in the wrong place?

Also I did search and read the posts and still cannot figure this out. Also I do have plenty of web design and still cannot figure this out :-/.

Thanks in advance!

when you log into FTP with the user associated with the domain (check in Panel > Domains > Manage > edit, the user set to excuite cgi will be the one you’ll log in with) You should see some directoires, including a folder. You’ll want to place all of your public html files in there.

If you don’t have such a folder try clicking ‘save my changes’ in the panel where you checked for the correct user. Now wait an hour or two and see if it appears. If not you can try creating the directory exactly as you have it in the panel (CaPs matters) and see if you get index to load then. If not, send a request off to support.

Hope this helps.


Duh! I was logging in with the wrong user the whole time! Thank You!!!