Cannot get joomla to connect to the database

every time I try to install joomla & then complete the instructions in the message mailed to me I get as far as connecting to the database & then the following message is returned:

An error has occurred.:

Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

how can I get Joomla installed?


Something is wrong with your MySQL setup. Double check your mysql hostname, username, and password via DH panel --> Goodies --> MySQL

Patrick - I did double check the hostname/username&password… it seems to me that the MySQL is not working for my account[hr]
if i uninstall the joomla & try again - is there someone who can look at the responses & tell me what’s wrong?[hr]
I removed joomla & reinstalled - these were the parameters for the database:
ted this many times, how do I get some support to see what’s wrong with my database connections?

  1. Don’t post usernames and passwords

  2. Change your password now

  3. use your web browser to connect to and type in your username and password. It should get you into your database. if not, then something’s broken and you should contact Support.
    If it does let you in, also contact Support, as it seems you’ve already double-checked your settings. It could be that the DB server isn’t letting the Web server have access.

I have a wordpress website. I am changing it to Joomla. When I click to install Joomla… it tgives me an error that states that the main file or publc html is not empty. Unlike other Cpanels for most hosting services which are very simplified… yours is just too complicated for a newbie. I hope you do not expect every client to be an expert. I am finding it hard to understand why i am spending over an hour trying to get this done… whilst it takes godaddy and site ground a click and everything is replaced. I an’t even get access into my “Cpanel” type of inter-phase that is VERY POPULAR with almost all hosting services. I don’t why you guys chose this inter-pahse that is just not simple. What is happening. Can anyone help me?

I had the same problem, changed users, deleted and added new databases, finally I realized when it was asking for local host I was inserting url to website rather than ‘localhost’ which was what it was looking for. Worked fine once I used localhost instead of url to my website.

Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: Could not connect to MySQL.

This error when installing joomla.

Your best bet here is to contact our support team directly so we can look into this. Or you can start a LiveChat from the web panel for real-time assistance.

If you submit a ticket, feel free to post your ticket’s message ID number and I can check on it for you. Thanks!

It happened to me 2 weeks ago, you have to check you config.php file and check your database informations here (it work like that with wordpress and a lot’s of others cms, it should work with a config file in joomla then!)