Cannot get correct setting to install script


I want to install this script

i dont get answer there so i try in this dreamhost forum

This is error message that i get when i try to install my script

Installation failed while “Testing Settings”: vBMS couldn’t connect to the mail server using the settings you provided. Please go back and verify their accuracy. If you are not sure of the values to use, consult your host.


Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn’t open stream {}INBOX in /includes/vbms_class_installer.php on line 791

in my script there are setting and i fill up like this before i press install button

POP3 Server Hostname :

POP3 Server Port : 110

POP3 Server Username : support

POP3 Server Password : myrealpassword

Force “No-TLS” connection option : i am not use it, so uncheck it

i had trying any combination for a hour but still not success to install, can you suggest what i need to change?

my domain is

my mail server is spacey

i had try POP3 Server Port 110, 143, 25

i had try to give check to Force “No-TLS” connection option too


It doesn’t appear that your hosts are pointing to a valid mail server for pop3.

C:>telnet 110
Connecting To…Could not open connection to the host, on port 110: Connect failed

Did you do any custom DNS settings for your mail server settings? If not, I’d open a ticket with DH. To me, it doesn’t appear as though their mail servers, which appear to be setup in a load balance situation based on the DNS names, is working correctly.

Check this site for reference.