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Hi, I’m having problems searching for my website. I tried a ton of search engines and I can’t locate my site at all. my website is, when I search for it I type many combinations such as mrnelson, or mrnelson .org and there are no results for my page, even though there are only about 700 results. Is there something I have to activate on my end to make my site available on the net. I’ve already read and done a lot of tips suggested for search engine optimization but the only way to get to my site is if you type the address in. Can anyone help? thank you

  1. Have some content
  2. Have other sites link to that content

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  1. Set up a google sitemap, and submit the site to google


right i undertsand that, but I have a friend who registerd a domain on dreamhost after me, and you can find his site in 5th in the search results on google. But he also does not have any content on his site, just a splash. I am wondering if this has anything to do with .com and .org differences?

Does anyone link to his site?

As rlparker suggests, submitting a sitemap works along with simply submitting your site via Google Webmaster Tools.

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nope. He simply registered with dreamhost then uploaded an index page with an image on his main page with a coming soon. But if I search his webaddress in google, you can find it. If I search for my it yields no results whatsoever. I’m wondering if it’s an issue on my end? or maybe an issue with .com and .org??

I adde my site to google tools and the sitemap as well. I guess I have to wait now? It’s still not being indexed.

thanks everyone

It took a long time for my new site to be indexed when I couldn’t link to it from an existing site - a couple of weeks if I remember correctly. Though after I submitted a sitemap it was only a day or so before it made it in.

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I don’t think Google shows any difference in indexing precedence based on what top level domain is used in a site, unless you use the advanced search and explicitly restrict the search by domain, or perhaps when you use a country-specific version of Google and a preference may be shown for sites in that country’s ccTLD.

– Dan