Cannot find home directory in FTP client

Could someone please help me with this?

According to the instructions I was able to to find, Dreamhost names the webpages content folder after itself.

But I do not see that directory anywhere in the FTP client.

I log in using the server name as the host with my username, and the only folders I see are Maildir and logs, so I don’t know where to upload test HTML files to see if everything is working.

I tried logging in using my site name as the host, but I was unable to. If someone could help out with this, I’d appreciate it.


You don’t currently have web hosting set up for your domain, so there’s no directory for it. You’ll need to add hosting in the Manage Domains section of the panel first:

Click the “Add” button for your domain (under the “Web Hosting” column). The default settings should all be fine.

There it is!

Thank you!