Cannot find gem for Rails =1.1.6

Hey everyone,

I’m currently using procmail to pipe mail to my Ruby on Rails app. I have a working version that I set up a couple weeks ago on v.1.1.2 that works just fine. However, after last week’s upgrade to v.1.1.6, I can’t build a new app that does the same thing.

If I send a mail to the account with the procmail forward, this shows up in the logs:

Cannot find gem for Rails =1.1.6:
Install the missing gem with ‘gem install -v=1.1.6 rails’, or
change environment.rb to define RAILS_GEM_VERSION with your desired version.

However, Rails 1.1.6 is definitely there as I can load and interract with my app in a browser.

If I change RAILS_GEM_VERSION to 1.1.2 (the version on which I built my other, sill working app) in environment.rb, the pipe works. But, since the rest of the app believes it’s running on 1.1.6, it toally breaks.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m going to try to install a new Rails gem in /vendor, but besides that, I’m out of ideas.

Did you have any luck with solving this problem? I’m having precisely the same issue!

Yes, I managed to solve it, though support was no help (they claimed the problem was on my end to the point where I gave up with them; I still, to this day, think it’s somewhere on their end). I’m not sure of your level of RoR expertise, so I apologize if any of this is way too simplified.

I more or less made up my own workaround for the problem: I started running on edge rails, which lets you run independently of the installed version of rails on the Dreamhost server. To install edge rails (the latest version of the Rails source), or any other version of rails, just check out the latest version of the rails source into the /vendor/rails directory in your app.

By default, your app checks in /vendor/rails for source before looking anywhere else, so you’ve bypassed whatever they did (or didn’t do) on your server.

Here’s a guide I found that might help (you can also find a lot of information by Googling):

Thank you so much for taking the time to post, and for providing that helpful link; I had everything up and running within minutes!

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty with support – they haven’t yet responded to the request I put in yesterday.