Cannot delete .htaccess

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Wow, this is my 2nd post in one morning asking for help. It’s been quite the morning. My problem is I am unable to delete a .htaccess file. I am using Cuteftp Pro 6 and the error message is:

Request denied.
Verify that the file or folder exists and that you have the necessary permissions on the server to perform the requested operation

This is just after deleting another .htaccess file elsewhere with no problems. What can I do to delete this file? It’s driving me nuts to look at an unused directory that that I am unable to remove.


Whats happening liquilife,

Dont worry about asking more then one question on these forums on more then one occasion, thats what there for. :slight_smile:

Im sure people do not mind helping out, everyone is pretty generous around this place.

So now to your problem.

I myself use CuteFTP Pro 6 on certain occasions.
I also have gotten that same error. Now while I cant solve this problem, I could recommend a quick fix sorta say to help you out, somewhat.

Now, you said you cant delete the .htaccess file itself, in CuteFTP I dont ever see the .htaccess file. Could you tell me where in the program can I set options to view the file? I sorta looked around but cannot find and option to view this hidden file.

Anyways, as for your folders. Lets say your domain is Inside this are all your folders.
Lets say that one folder your trying to delete is inside several other folders or even in the root folder. Yeah it might bother to see 1, 2, or maybe 3 empty folders and its sorta confusing you when you view your site thru an FTP program.

My quick fix for this was mainly to make a trash folder in the MAIN ROOT Folder of my account and “Move” these effing folders there.
in Cute FTP, by the adress bar click on one of the buttons that shows and arrow up, meaning to go a directory up.
Example your in / -> press ^ and make a folder to "move these folders into. My is called “$_Dump” but of course you can name yours to whatever you want. So anytime this ever happened to me, and it happened about 6 times I simply move the folder from / to /$_Dump

Im just getting into the .htaccess thing, so wouldnt EXACTLY know how to help you, but since I could relate figured I at least help you out.

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Thanks for the reply. I ended up doing just what you recommended. It is very strange how these .htaccess files get so finniky… maybe a dreamhost official will catch this thread and offer some ideas.

Good to run into another xbox live fan. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Rainbow6 with my clan. Not so much nowdays, but I like to play when I get the chance. Oh the memories… we used to spend 5-6 hours daily shootin’ it up. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by : user919, on 01/02/05 01:57 PM

Quote ;

It’s most likely a directory that was created by a script and needs to be deleted by a script (different user). If you can’t manage that, write support and they’ll ax it for you.

In response to
I’ve got a folder on my site that I would like to delete. I uploaded some files from Movabletype before I installed WordPress. Now the Movabletype folder won’t delete, even though there’s nothing in there. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


So, thats good to hear that I could offer a quick fix for your issue, BUT you still havent solve it. Like user user919 said, if need be, our host support shouldnt have a problem of deleting the files and(or) folders for you.

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Try CHMOD’ing the file. Go to in your web browser ( being your domain name and extenstion).

Find the .htaccess file, right-click it, select ‘Properties’, and then Check all of the boxes. This should enable the deletion of the file via CuteFTP.

Otherwise, you could just directly delete it using your browser.