Cannot delete concrete5 or upload other one click



hey all… noobie here. i am following all of the instructions and yet system will not allow me to delete Concrete program &/ or load Word press. When I delete via the one-click manager it simply tries to delete for ten or more minutes I like dreamhost but have not been able to contact them. Can anyone help?



I tested it out on my end here and was able to delete it and I’m also able to load WP, so I’m not 100% sure what issue you might be running into (no surprise there hence my forum title :slight_smile: If you haven’t already done so, You can contact our amazing support team by clicking here and submitting a ticket - They’ll look into it ASAP and update you by email.

Hope that helps,
Matt C


Looking at your site, it says “NO hostnames for these databases… They are inaccessible until you add one!”

If you go to you’ll see that, with a link on ‘Add one’

Click that :slight_smile: