Cannot Create New Site -"bad_httpd_conf"

Greetings -
Not sure if this is a Dreamhost or Wordpress issue, but I’ll take any help I can get.
I’m running an updated version of Wordpress and when I use the Network Admin Dashboard to create a new site I get the “bad_httpd_conf” error.
The current site ( has been working for years without problems.
The new site ( continues to give me this error.

I’ve read online enough to know to wait for the 12-24 hrs for the DNS servers to update, but it’s now been 5 days.
I’ve also doubled checked that there was a folder created in blog.dir and they needed tables were added to the sql database.

But I still can’t get to the new site.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you added the new domain in the DreamHost Panel “Manage Domains” page? Simply pointing the domain to the same IP address is not sufficient (and, in many cases, will not even be the correct IP); you need to add the subdomain in Manage Domains for it to be recognized.