Cannot create folders in passworded subdomains

Am I missing anything? this seems like a very simple issue to fix.

I created a subdomain and passworded it.
I logged in with Total Commander as FTP client and I cannot create folders like I always do. I just need to store some files there. I can create folders under non-protected areas.

No webdav or link protection activated for it. They used to be on, but I took them off, thinking that might be the issue, for whatever reasons.

Thanks for reading!

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I’m not familiar with Total Commander, so I don’t know if it could have any impact on your inability to create folders in an .htaccess protected directory. I routinely create folders in password protected directories with other ftp clients, and the shell, without problems.

You mentioned that had webdav setup, but that you disabled it - could it be that the sustem has not fully disaled it yet? Possibly waitng a bit could help.

I suggest trying to create a domain via the shell, or another ftp client, and see if the problematic behaior persists.


I just deleted the subdomain and re-created it. no help.
web-based ftp does not allow me to create folders either!
I am not sure if a different software would help, as creating folders works fine with all my other domains and subdomains.

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I’d try creating a directory via the shell, or with a “standalone” ftp client…if that doesn’t work, I’d contact support.

Remember, that webdav will preclude ftp from working, so it is really inportant that you “double” check to make sure you didn’t inadvertantly enable webdav when setting up the password protected directory from the panel (they share some of the same screens!)


I tried both web-based ftp and Total Commander again - which I use for years - after completely deleting and recreating the sub-domain.

Well, nevermind, I created yet another subdomain and it works. it was really for backing-up some personal data, so name did not matter at all.

It is a passworded subdomain, so I just hope it is protected against search engines too. I don’t want my naked photos hanging over the internet… but I need to do some reading about this too, maybe include a robots.txt to avoid the subdomain being indexable.

Thanks for the help!

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Ha! I see your point! under .htaccess protection it should be safe. :slight_smile: