Cannot connect using curl or file_get_contents

I’m trying to use Postalicious, a WordPress plugin that retrieves links daily from (Yes, has its own version of this, but Postalicious is more configurable.)

When I try to update, I get the following: Could not contact to verify password.

After poking around quite a bit, it seems that neither cURL nor file_get_contents are going anywhere to talk to anybody. I’ve tried creating my own versions (based on the tutorial) that just handle local files, and it still doesn’t work. I simply don’t get a result, it’s blank, it never retrieves the file. This is true whether I use cURL or file_get_contents.

If anybody here is using WordPress, would you be willing to try this plugin out and tell me if it works for you? If you can help with this at all I would be most grateful!

Nevermind, I’ve resolved this issue - it had to do with my PHP installation. I fell back on the DH installation of PHP (rather than my own) and it’s fine now.