Cannot connect to


I created a new mysql database using “” as my hostname. I was able to go to by using a browser but wasn’t able to login (I’ve even checked the password). I tried accessing my phpadmin through the dreamhost webpanel but couldn’t. After that, I was denied access. I tried following the intructions here ( and search and read troubleshooting posts regarding Mysql. I also tried making a new mysql hostname by using “” but still no go. Please help me learn how to get access to my database. I need to import my database from my previous website. I’ve just started my trial hosting but I already sent my payment via MO. Could that have prevented my access? I’m also more used to Windows hosting so the webpanel’s kinda confusing me.

Please help and thanks for reading.



It’s okay now. This is a closed issue. Sorry for bothering you but thank you for reading.