Cannot connect to database


I am trying to install the one click installs for concrete5 and zencart. For each item I have gotten to the part with entering the database information, but for each program, I get an error – cannot connect to database. I have checked to make sure the passwords are correct and the database is valid, but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Database name

All 4 of those must be valid and correct. case is important.

I copied and pasted each of these, so they should be accurate.

Try just pasting the hostname into your browser. If you get a login prompt that’s good. Try the user name and passwords. This might help you narrow down which piece of info is bad.

If you are changing database passwords as you are making attempts, make sure you are waiting long enough after changing it in the panel. If the panel says wait 10-15 minutes then wait 30, it does take a little longer than the estimate for the panel bot to actually change password sometimes.
Make sure you don’t have an extra space from pasting before a closing quote too.