Cannot Choose my Domain to Setup Wordpress

Hello there,

When I try to use the 1 click setup for wordpress on my domain I cannot choose it, and actually when I try to access my domain it doesn’t load nor ca be found.

Any suggestions ?

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So…I assume you registered the domain but did you actually add a hosting plan to it? It would be under manage domains. Also if your domain is not registered with DH you would need to change the nameserver information to point to DH.

Thanks for the reply Ryo!

I just fully hosted it and set WordPress to be installed.

Actually it’s hosted with DH, it said in 10 minutes it would be ready, if nothing happens I’ll reply back!

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Hey Ryo, the setup is done.

I just received an e-mail telling me that WordPress was intalled successfully but my webpage is still offline, what would the next step be?

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I was able to locate your account/ticket and I do see that your site is loading successfully on our end, showing the WordPress installation page. You’ll need to complete the installation.

When you set a site up for hosting, the time it takes for the domain’s new DNS records to propagate can vary – anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. You can follow your site’s DNS propagation here:

You might want to try clearing your browser cache as well. I’ll follow up with you over email!