Cannot Checkout

Today we experienced random internal server errors on our server. Now I cannot seem to checkout on any of our stores it just seems to linger on the checkout page. We have not changed anything on the website…
The only thing I can think of it that it cannot write to the database…

Also I have been waiting 5 hours for a reply from dreamhost :frowning: Usually get a response within the hour… Maybe it’s a bigger problem and they are flat out?

I am really sorry to post again but I think I haven’t explained the issue very well.
I have 4 clients that have x-cart sites on the server. Yesterday everything was working fine then today I have had lots of “Internal server errors” and now people cannot check out of the store. when they click on purchase it just lingers and doesn’t go anywhere.
I have submitted a ticket over 9.5 hours ago but am desperate because I have clients yelling at me and trying to get me to pay for there loss of sales.
Has this happened to someone else?
Can some please please help me?