Cannot add domain?

why i cannot add domian ?
today i have added a new domian then check "dns button"
generally,i can see this domian’s IP such
but this time shows

"We currently have no “zone” file for xxx .com, and so you cannot modify DNS.

Are you sure you have this domain hosted with us? (This page won’t do anything unless xxx .com’s nameservers are set to,, and

Nonetheless, we’ll try and create one now. Please try reloading this page in a couple of minutes. Sorry for the delay!

my domian is registered at networksolutions,do i need edit nameservers to now?
did any rule change ? or this just happened to me?



You set the DNS nameservers to,, and with your domain name’s registrar (in your case, network s*lutions).


seems it will take more time to add new domian now,before it only take a few minutes and the website can be visited.
i have set DNSnameservers above 6 hours ,sitll show
""We currently have no “zone” file for xxx .com, and so you cannot modify DNS…"
i like the system before.:slight_smile:


Sometimes it does take longer than others, but if you are concerned that something may be wrong on the DH end of things, you can always submit a support ticket and ask them to check on things for you. :slight_smile: