Cannot access wordpress via link emailed by DH


I set up a new sub-domain and installed wordpress with the one-click option. I received an email from Dreamhost telling me that wordpress had been successfully installed, but when I tried to follow any of the links in the notification email, I got time-outs. I simply cannot access any pages in the sub-domain with a browser. I can ftp to the sub-domain and to the wordpress directories and I have confirmed that all have permissions set at 755.

What have I done wrong?

If you created the sub-domain, then did the wordpress install straight away, you could be still waiting for the sub domain to be added to the DNS system. Generally these are done in around 15 minutes, but occasionally there can be a larger than normal queue of domains to add which will increase the time it takes before the sub domain will become accessible.

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Thanks for the advice Shonky. However, when I try to reach the link, the page still times out. And if I go directly to the IP, I get: Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

The site I’m trying to reach is:

I realise that that these things take time, but it’s now about 18 hours since I create the sub-domain, so I’m concerned that I’ve done something incorrect.

BTW, you might be amused to hear that in Australia “shonky” means a suspicious or deceptive person, object or activity. :wink:

Have you tried putting an entry into your hosts file on your (home) PC? Apologies if you already understand this, but you actually need to enter the subdomain in your browser in order for the proper headers to be sent to the web server that will enable it to find the right directory holding your site (as well as other stuff).

This should narrow down the diagnosis to purely a dns problem vs a dns problem and hosting/website problem.

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I’ve now put the IP into my computer’s hosts file and still no luck.

I can ping the IP from my computer. And I can FTP into the site where I can see all of the wordpress files installed by the Dreamhost one-click install.

Here is the IP:

Again, thanks in advance for any assistance.

still no luck accessing my wordpress installation so that I can configure it. No luck accessing the site via browser at all. Any help or ideas gratefully received!