Cannot access Wordpress Dashboard!

Hi there,
We have a Dreamhost site that is normally accessed via www.(oursite).com/wp-admin. We just had transferred everything last night, and now all is well. I was going back to delete and add plug-ins. I think I had just added a Facebook/social media plugin, a forum plugin, and maybe something else.

Suddenly, everything timed out.

The website is still there, but when I try to get to the admin page, it doesn’t load and then I get this “Safari can’t open” message. The weird thing is that the address bar switches to:


This happens on various computers and even my cellphone, so it’s not just Apple or due to cookies.

What options do we have? I’m a total novice, and I don’t know where to go from here. As of right now, we have a website that exists, but no way to edit it.

Thank you so much.

There is a “fb” in that redirection, so I suspect you are correct about which plugin is causing issues. You can use sftp (or ftp) to delete or rename the folder for that plugin, then you should be able to log in via wp-admin again.

What lakerat says should work. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider using WP-CLI to manage your wordpress install:
It looks complicated but it makes so many things so much easier to accomplish it’s ridiculous :slight_smile: