Cannot access site with www at the beginning

Hi there,

I am currently trying to migrate my existing data over to my new DreamHost account, however it seems that there’s been some sort of issue with my site.

I’ve currently got a blank DB and a bare-bones WordPress installation that I am soon going to populate with my current data stored on my previous host.

There’s a problem though: if I type it works fine, but when I type I am getting the holding page with my registrar.

Is this a DNS issue with my registrar or is this something that needs to be solved here at DreamHost? I’m confused as it ‘half-works!’


Go to this page of the Control Panel and [Edit] the relevant domain. You will see options for the “www” part.

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I think you will find this is indeed a DNS propagation issue. I had a similar thing happen to a newly registered domain of mine, but after a short period of time things starting working as expected.


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Will DNS propagation issues also be the reason why I cannot access

It has only been about 4 hours since I changed my DNS… I just confused when the site was coming up without www.!

Thanks for the help. I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy these forums.

I’d say this is the most likely explanation. DNS changes can take upwards of 72 hours to fully propagate across the Internet, although, in my experience, it usually takes a lot less than this. Whenever I make a change things seem to be fully working after about 12 hours or so.


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4 hours is nothing when discussing DNS. You may have to wait up to 48 hours before it works. A temporary solution is to use DreamHost’s DNS when browsing from your computer since those servers are the first to be updated.