Cannot access site - SSL Version Interference

I’ve opened a support case, but perhaps someone has experience here. 3 times in the past 3 weeks my site ( has become unreachable. Chrome gives the error

This site can’t be reached is currently unreachable.

The past two times support has reconfigured apache and rebooted it, and all is fine - for a week or so. But the root cause hasn’t been found. It appears to be some sort of issue with https. I am using Let’s Encrypt SSL and the certificate is active.

At any rate, does anyone have any ideas? I think this a configuration on the DH side, but maybe there’s something I can do. I use a shared server.



Could it be some “buggy middleware” as described here?

Thanks for the response.

My site is quite vanilla - no fancy stuff. Just regular 'ol php, jquery, mysql, SSL from Let’s Encrypt. My site is not using any middleware, but searching around the web and dh forum, I don’t see this problem discussed much, so maybe it is me. Anyway, I hope to hear from dh support soon. If they can’t tell me the cause, then I’ll need to bid dh farewell, as I can’t have the site down every week.

The middleware the SuperUser post mentions is something between your Chrome and your webhost. It could be on your computer (anti-virus software), on your local net (firewall/router devices), or something on the network between you and your webhost (proxies, ISP routers, VPNs, etc).

You could try turning off Chrome’s TLS 1.3 support, or test with Chrome outside your normal environment – if either fixes the problem, then there might be some “buggy middleware” involved somewhere.

Of course, it could be something completely different…

I think it’s something completely different. I got many, many messages from my users saying they couldn’t reach the site. On windows, mac, android and iphone.
It occured with chrome, ff and safari, but oddly enough not IE (microsoft edge).

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