Cannot access phpmyadmin

hi there,
i just added a new database in control panel, but i cannot access phpmyadmin immediately. i know dns is updating, how long it will take roughly? and i feel a little frustrated i cannot access my other databases too. why is that


I think you answered your own question…it sounds like you are waiting for DNS…other databases will be the same if they are using the same host. If you have a host that currently works, and the new database is on the same machine, just use the other hostname (they are interchangeable). Otherwise, you won’t be able to get at them with PhpMyAdmin until the host DNS updates. :wink: The time it takes varies greatly, and depends on a lot of things, including your own computer’s cache, possibly your ISP’s DNS, and even your router sometimes caches DNS. Actually, because of this, trying too soon only makes it worse.

To see it as soon as possible, clear all your caches, reset your router, and give it some time before trying again…In my experience at least 30 minutes. Patience, Grasshooper, Patience! :slight_smile:


Also, there is no need to try before your panel no longer shows the small clock icon next to the newly created database. As long as that is there, it hasn’t been completely set up yet. Of course, refresh the page to see when that icon goes away.

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