Cannot access "Panel". Please HELP

Hello everyone.

Please someone help with my ordeal.

After a frustrating 3 hours and several days of browsing through the wiki and what-not, I had to post this

First of all, after I login to my account at’s so-called “Panel” and then, clicking on to Web Hosting, nothing appears. (it remains on the same screen) Similarly, I wanted to contact technical support and clicked on Support, nothing happens. I tried it in 3 different browsers, still the same.

In addition to that, after I login to the “Panel”, it keeps saying “Unfortunately, you need to upgrade accounts”. This I already did paying upto a year’s worth of hosting already.

I emailed but I get an auto-reply saying I should use instead. That’s the whole point. I am unable to access this link.

I also tweeted to dreamhost but no response :frowning:

I have no idea what’s going on. Life was so simple when I was using an obscure-but-reliable hosting until a few days back.

Appreciate if anyone could help.

sounds like your account has been disabled. Have you violated the TOS? usually (always?) you’ll get notice if you do.

The same sort of thing happened to me and I just signed up a week ago. I thought maybe there was some lag time before it activated but still nothing. I did a couple support tickets also but no one is responding.

I reviewed the TOS and I have not violated anything. Thats also because I have not been able to do anything any ways.

Update: Finally fixed. I recommend going to the chat and asking there. Once I brought it up they did it quickly.