Cannot access my site admin


I am trying to set up a new site. I purchased my domain name on Godaddy a while back and now I have added hosting for the first time through Dreamhost. I proceeded to download Wordpress through the one click installs, however, I was immediately given an error saying the software was already installed (I had not installed it for this domain name yet somehow it was already there, to my surprise).

I received an email from Dreamhost, indicating my user name but no password. Instead, it gives me a link to create a password. I have clicked the link and additional link provided several times but have not received any email in response. I still cannot access my admin because I do not know the password. When I used a different hosting service for another site both the user and password were automatically emailed to me. However, this was not the case here. Please advise how I can proceed.

Thanks in advance!

You didn’t tell use the domain name, so we can’t look at DNS.

General help tho… Have you pointed the nameservers for the domain to,, and for the domain by logging in at godaddy and supplying dreamhost’s nameservers for the domain? (there are other ways to point the domain.)

Was the domain parked before wordpress was installed? That will generate a DNS change, which will add propagation time of about 4 hours. In fact, many situations will generate a DNS change behind the scenes (add the 4 hours)-one of the few that won’t is there was absolutely nothing hosted at that URL before (parking counts).

As far as email the USER and PASSWORD for the wordpress application, it hasn’t worked that way for MANY wordpress versions (years). The prior host must have been dreadfully behind with the upgrades.

Thank you very much for the pointers. Yes, I did supply the correct name servers to Godaddy. I received an email from Dreamhost indicating the setup link expires after 4 hours and to simply delete all my domain files and reinstall. I did just that and now received the set up link, created my password and was able to successfully access my site admin.