Cannot access FTP for subdomain

Moronic question here:

My site (that I started here just hours ago) is I installed Wordpress and it asked for a subdomain which I put as

I go to the dreamhost panel and click on manage domains. I see and can select webFTP and see those files. But I cannot see

I tried going to but it doesn’t exist.

The site(s) are only hours old. How do I see the files for “me”?


If you have created a “Simple Installation” and not a “Custom Installation” you can’t access those files. You need to delete the “Simple Installation”, maybe wait, re-add that domain (me…) at the “Manage Domains” section yourself, then go the installer and do a “Custom Installation” on that domain.

Thank you for your response.
Um, ah, how do you delete the “Simple Installation”?

On “On-click Installs” there is a “Manage Applications” above the list of applications. You can delete it there.

After deletion it will take a few hours to clear an redirect to your new “Custom Install” when you choose to do that because the DNS changes need to propagate.

Thank you for help.