Cannot Access Control Panel

I keep timing out when trying to access and – is anyone else having this issue? I’ve tried clearing my cache, cookies and authenticated sessions. Does it have to do with the fact that when it first timed out I was trying to view my support history? Is that section timing out?

I am having this issue right now too.

If it helps, all my sites are on Orbital.

I’m on seltzer so I am guessing the whole thing is down rather than one server.

Seems like its up, but VERY slow.

I haven’t been able to access the Panel for about the last half hour, this forum and the main DreamHost site were also down for me. My sites were unaffected.

Thankfully, things seem to have returned to normal now.


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I had the same issue during the same period of time. I could not successfully ping or traceroute anything with a address. It looks like DH DNS was “borked” for a bit - all is better now for me as well.

It looks like it was just an “internet burp”. :wink:


remember that does not run on your servers. So the status of your server likely has no correlation to the Dreamhost Panel.


worked fine for me the whole time… maybe it was in fact a DNS issue, maybe the panel server’s IP address changed.