Cannot access account properly

Hi folks,
I have just registered an account yesterday. After getting confirmation messages, I logged in to create MySQL databases for my blog. i also created a couple of FTP accounts. But these changes are not visible in the Dreamhost control panel. I cannot see my users, or my Databases.

I have hosting accounts with multiple hosts like Netfirms, GoDaddy and 110mb, but I’ve never faced similar problems. I cannot even log in to my FTP to transfer my new website.

If this is normal for new accounts and everything will be Ok in a couple of days, then please tell me… Is this some problem on my side, which I can correct, please tell me.

No, that’s not normal … from your description of what you are encountering, it sounds as if you might have your FTP users, webID (Control Panel users) confused.

If you are “logged in” but you can’t see “your” users or your databases… you may not be logged in as your master account user.

Only you master account user can see the other users or databases in the panel, unless that master account assigned Control Panel (Acco0unt) privileges to the other user(s).

I suggest you go back and review your “welcome” email(s) (you should have gotten one when your account was created (and possibly with the creation of each additional user) to make sure you have the correct login for your “master” account in the Control Panel.

You can also contact support from withing the control panel if it is hopelessly confused (or it you think something is amiss).


Thank you rlparker for your reply.

I can log on to DreamHost Control Panel. After that, I proceeded to create FTP user. After completing, I got the message,

“Successfully Created user xyz. It will take a few minutes for it to appear on your control panel”

But it never appears. And I cannot use the created user’s username and password to log on using CuteFTP.

Same thing with MySQL Database. I created a couple of them, but they don’t show in the list of created databases.

I had emailed support a few hours ago, but have not yet received any replies.

I bought this sub-account from an existing account holder. Maybe that doesn’t make me master account holder? But I am the administrator of the account, coz I paid for it. I am not sure.

I think you need to contact whoever you “paid” for the “sub-account” as that person is the “master” account holder. :wink:


Thank you buddy…

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