Cannot access account, cannot contact Support

I’m trying to get access to our ancient DreamHost hosting account (2007), but have forgotten username/pwd in the mists of time.

That was Problem One, but now this is the new priority:

I tried to submit a request for help via the main DreamHost contact form, but the Catcha function rejected my input 7 times. It keeps saying “check form and try again.” I refreshed the page and tried several more Captcha codes.

I even tried the audible one to make sure I wasn’t being a spazz.

The 714 area code phone number I dredged up online is obviously useless. Left a message in vain hope of receiving assistance.

Because I cannot log in, I cannot access any of the other (presumably functional) methods of contact.

I read that Chat is closed on May 30, but my calendar today says May 28.

Does anyone smarter than I have a work-around to get in touch with DreamHost? For a company that boasts about hosting millions of sites, this all seems very Bush League.

Frustrated in California

For Username, have you tried your email address? It’s what you’d use for password recovery anyhow.

Try a different browser for the CAPTCHA. I always keep one browser stripped down with Privacy Mode, no bookmarks, auto-fill, cookies, etc.

Live Chat is showing up for me, but with a long wait time. Probably because of scaled back staff for the weekend. And probably on the 30th as well since it’s the Memorial Day holiday.

Thanks for your response! I tried the whole thing again in Internet Explorer, but couldn’t get past the “Who do you want to contact?” box. As soon as I entered Tech Support, all the other options vanished. And I see no Live Chat option anywhere, either in Firefox or IE.

I guess I’ve been spoiled by the real hosting companies with actual customer service! Geez. I’m self-employed and don’t particularly take holidays, so this mindset of shutting everything down is foreign to me. When you have customers in the online world, it’s your responsibility to serve them!

Yes, I tried the email as username, and get a message that “only the primary email can rest password.” Unhelpful.

So I’m in one of those dreaded closed-feedback loops with DreamHost. That’s why I was looking for a way to talk to a human.

I have a big web design job that’s hung up now, which means I don’t get paid my customer is unhappy.

I know you’re not responsible, though, and I do appreciate your help!

That is expected behavior. That’s not your browser having issues.

You can always try “Other” or “Sales”. You never know.

They used to have this, at least for sales. I’m not sure when it went away, however.

You can also try tweeting them at, which is supposed to be manned from 6am to 10pm PST, seven days a week. Not sure if they’ll be able to help you with this exact issue, but it can’t hurt.