Cancelling a suscription

I have just received an automatic renewal of my webhosting, I don’t want or need it but probably my own fault for not checking the autobill was switched off.

Anyway - I want to ensure this doesn’t happen again so I’ve gone to DreamHost Web Panel > Manage account > Billing

I have Happy Hosting as follows:

Hosting Plans

(1 hosting plan on this account)
Plan Billing Started Ends
My Happy Hosting
Happy Hosting

$35.40 yearly ($2.95 per month)
2010-02-27 Charged Thru 2012-02-26

When I click AutoRenew and choose “End Today” it then tells me “Failure! You cannot end your last last full hosting plan unless you have a VPS. Did you mean to cancel your account instead?”

I don’t want the website anymore so thats a not problem, how do I end this account? What is a VPS? I just don’t want to incur any charges and if its possible to get a partial refund on the suscription then thats an added bonus.

All advice welcomed.

I don’t think it is refundable any more because you’ve already started a new billing cycle. However, I’ll suggest you to submit a ticket to DH support and explain your situation clearly. They are very helpful and may consider to partial refund for you.

The link to close your account is under your account name. Try to look for “rename account / close account”

VPS is a virtual private server. It is more stable than a shared server because it has its own CPU and memory resourses. You will find more information here

Why they make so difficult to cancel my account?

The only way is closing the bank Account ?

Is clever to said the account is closed and will be rebuiltnext month,

is legal but not fair.