Cancelling a Pending account

I just tried to get an account, typed in my free domain, got charged for a part of the hosting but my account says it is pending and that I still owe money, when I am supposed to be in the “trial weeks” plus I have sent multiple messages to support and got no response, not even a “We are looking into it”

I guesses I probably added the card incorrectly or something so I removed it, and now the whole credit card section in payments is gone.

supposedly if it takes longer than 3 hours there is a problem and this have been on for 4 hours.

the call us does not work…

I would like to close my account, cancel the whole thing and get a refund on the $12 because I guess it was for the domain registrarion… but the domain is still free to buy in other places.

When you register the domain you get the use of it for one year whether or not you continue the hosting package with dreamhost after the 14 day trial (yes you can use the domain elsewhere). Because of this, if you do register a domain during the free trial period you have to pay for it upfront. After the free trial you will be given the option to make that domain your free domain, and you only pay the difference for the hosting package. If you take time to read the screen this is explained during the registration process, and you are give the option to use a free sub-domain instead of having to pay up front for the registration.

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At this point you should login at and contact support so that they can route your communication to the approvals dept, that is if you still want to cancel. Dreamhost does respond here in the forum sometimes, but it’s not an official method to contact them.