Cancel 'pending account'

Signed up today hoping to get things up and running fast but many hours later it’s still listed as “pending approval”. “have us call you now for immediate approval” link doesn’t work and no response to support ticket #5622983.

Would like to simply cancel and close the account but even that link doesn’t seem to appear on the 'Pending Approval" Web Panel page. Could someone please help me end / delete this transaction?

Account #1424690


I took a look into your account and noticed your ticket. Thanks for providing me with that information. It seems that an admin has responded to your ticket and canceled your account as you requested. If you are still having issues or need anything else from our end please let us know

Cedric H

I want to cancel my pending account #1275570 as have new account using another email id and wanted to email id associated with #1275570 to new account.
Also delete this account ,
#1428454 “Amol’s Account” (pending) using another email id.