Cancel my account while pending


I signed up for the trial, but the site isn’t really what I’m after. I am trying to cancel, but there is no option on the manage account page. I also try to change the billing details to end today, but when I do that it says there is a communication error and it can’t connect to the server.

I don’t want to be charged for my two hours of trial and can’t afford to have the payment come out then have to wait for it to come back in. A company not having a phone number to contact seems incredible, particularly in regards to billing. How do I cancel my account while it is pending? I want it closed and gone.


Hmm, at the top of the manage account page there should be an option to “close account/end all hosting.” Or if you scroll down a bit you will see the active hosting plans, and if you click edit under the “ends” column you can choose to end it at the end of a specified time period or immediately. Either way, you shouldn’t get charged until like, two weeks after the trial! Even then, you can get a refund within like 97 days. So, no rush, but there should be a couple options on the Billing -> Manage Account page.


If your account is still pending, you haven’t really used the service yet. You may want to wait for your account to be approved so you can actually try it out. :slight_smile:

If you do want to cancel your account at this point, though, write in to Support and we’ll close it out for you.